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Could your film, video or web project benefit from expert consultation by award-winning visual effects master Ed Kramer? Would you like to invite Ed to share his engaging stories of special effects history?

A Technical Director at Industrial Light and Magic for many years, Ed Kramer's work has included visual effects for Star Wars I-III (remember the fiery lava planet?), Pirates of the Caribbean II (remember the Kraken?), Harry Potter II Ed Kramer (how about the Quidditch course?), The Mummy (who can forget the skittering scarab beetles?) and many other high visibility projects for television and film.

Ed and his talented network of experienced freelance video effects artists can provide high-end results for any film, video or animation project. Ed is also currently teaching the next generation of gurus as a college professor, welcoming smaller-scale projects for his students, a rare opportunity to incorporate the guiding touch of a master at low cost.

Known for his entertaining presentations to audiences of all ages, relating first-hand experience with many popular directors and films, Ed is also available for interviews and events.

If you would like to learn more about submitting a project proposal or speaking engagement request for Ed, contact Lighted Bridge.

Lighted Bridge is an "in kind" sponsor of the non-profit Sherwood Robin Hood Festival the 3rd Weekend of July and the 1st Saturday in December, where Susan Larison Danz is the Publicist and Secretary on the Festival Board.

Established in 1954, this summer's Sherwood Robin Hood Festival and International Archery Tournament with Nottingham, England will take place July 17-19, an event that attracts approximately 20,000 people each year. Susan Larison Danz will be emceeing and managing the Main Stage throughout the Expo (and has done so since 2012). Susan is also responsible for media relations, press releases, web & social media content, co-chairing the information/souvenir booth and administering the scholarship program. Susan Larison Danz Robin Hood Emcee

Susan has worked with multiple high profile media venues to promote the Festival. She facilitated multiple segments on the "Good Day Oregon" morning program on the Portland, Oregon Fox affiliate KPTV-12, bringing together Festival singers, archers, organizers and performers to chat with Fox's "Joe on the Go". She has been interviewed on the local Portland Univision affiliate KUNP-TV, which has provided Spanish promotional coverage since 2013 for the Festival. She has provided information and video footage for a segment on The Weather Channel, AAA Magazine, The Oregonian and numerous Portland area television, radio and print media venues.

Lighted Bridge is proud to be an "in kind" sponsor of the Festival, celebrating 60+ years as one of the oldest Festivals in Oregon.

Rev. Christine Green of Portland's Sacred Heart Ministries provides empowering teachings on authentic living, caregiving, financial management and prayer chaplain training.

Rev. Christine Green is the author of Authentic Spirituality: A Woman's Guide to Living an Empowered Life, Anatomy of Caring: Insights on Faith from a Caregiver and a Patient, A Caregivers Journal: Insights and Inspirations for Caregivers and Rev. Christine Green multiple articles on caregiving and women's issues. Christine has served in leadership roles in New Thought Ministries in California and Oregon, and she has a Masters in Religious Studies, along with a background and business and education.

Christine teaches with compassion and clarity and is dedicated to sharing tools to reveal your authentic life. As an author, retreat and workshop facilitator, speaker, and spiritual mentor, Christine finds her inspiration in empowering women to grow beyond their limitations and discover their inner strengths and amazing courage.

Christine has great depth of experience as a prayer chaplain which she is able to convey beautifully at churches, workshops and conferences.

If you would like to host an event with Christine or invite her to a church or conference, contact Lighted Bridge.

Birthing Your Book Guru Mark David Gerson can help you take your creative projects to the next level.

Mark David Gerson shares his award-winning techniques in his latest book Birthing Your Book.

Gerson is the creator of The Q’ntana Trilogy of fantasy films and novels, the award-winning author of four books for writers, and a long-time writing coach and workshop facilitator. His highly acclaimed Mark David Gerson The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write, was considered one of the best U.S. writing books the year it was published and the winner of multiple awards.

Mark David has guided writers and non-writers like to connect with their innate wisdom, open to their creative power and express themselves with ease.

He is also a skilled editor, broadcaster and popular speaker on topics related to creativity and spirituality. If you would like to interview Mark David, submit a speaking engagement request or an editing/consultation proposal, contact Lighted Bridge.

Whether your intended audience is the neighborhood or the world, on the web or in person, the masterful guidance and intuitive innovation of Lighted Bridge Communications will enhance and expand your presence and your voice.

Dedicated to co-creating the dreams of paradigm shifters, Lighted Bridge founder & director Susan Larison Danz is a talented writer, teacher and Susan Larison Danz innovative professional with 25 years leadership, software development, communications, marketing, event management and mentoring experience.

With degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and a diverse background balancing science and humanities, Susan's proven track record of leadership in corporate, entrepreneurial, educational, spiritual and non-profit settings generates the intuitive depth of expertise clients trust to guide them to the next level.

  • Creative content creation, editing and in-depth research for web sites, social media, press releases, articles, advertising and publications of all kinds
  • An enthusiastic PR advocate connecting authors, filmmakers, artists, musicians & speakers to conference venues, interviews and opportunities
  • Masterful management of projects and events
  • Detailed guidance bringing true goals into focus and brainstorming innovative ideas to shift individual and organizational paradigms

Susan Larison Danz regularly hosts The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast on Blog Talk Radio.

Susan Larison Danz Featuring honest, authentic perspectives on inspirational, socially conscious topics, this online radio show, teleconference and podcast presents a diverse array of viewpoints, with the intent of promoting thought-provoking dialogue and mutual understanding.

The quality of the content on this show has been recognized several times by being selected by the Blog Talk Radio Editorial Team for highlighting on the front page of the entire Blog Talk Radio web site. The shows are often featured live on the Blog Talk Radio home page. This is a true honor given the reach of the Blog Talk Radio network, reported as "1,800 shows created per day, 15,000+ active hosts and 40 million listeners/month."

Visit The Frontier Beyond Fear web site for archived programs and upcoming schedule details.

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