Susan Larison Danz ~ Inspirational Writer, Researcher, Producer, Advisor & Teacher

Susan Larison Danz is an inspirational "bridge builder" with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, integrating her scientific background with spirituality.

Susan has been writing in the spiritual community for many years, with forum posts highlighted multiple times in years past on the front page of the Oprah web site as popular discussion forum writer BridgeBuilder. Her writing and editing work assisting other spiritual wayshowers has recently appeared in an international edition of Harper's Bazaar and in Eclair Magazine.

Widely recognized for its authentic explorations within the spiritual community, Susan's live broadcast The Frontier Beyond Fear has been streaming live for over 13 years, producing 500+ episodes, with over a quarter of a million listens on Blog Talk Radio worldwide. It is regularly featured on the Blog Talk Radio front page under Live & Upcoming shows. The podcast is also broadly syndicated on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. Susan's voice has reached millions of people in the past as a guest and recurring "authentic spiritual personality" on nationwide broadcast radio (and on Sirius XM).

Susan is an intuitive researcher into several important topics where combining both a logical and a spiritual perspective is essential. Her background in Artificial Intelligence and spirituality synchronistically lends itself to vital ways of reflecting on impacts to humanity's future. She has also been a consultant on AI and spirituality in the motion picture industry.

Susan Larison Danz projects

Susan is an expert on the myths and mysteries surrounding visionary prophetess Mother Shipton (, having pursued this fascinating niche topic for almost 15 years as a part of her The Prophetess Legacy project. She has presented multiple seminars at conferences on Mother Shipton, as well as visionary women throughout history.

For years, Susan has been speaking about and exploring spiritual perspectives on contemplating extraterrestrial life, contrasted with strictly materialistic viewpoints. She has discussed this topic at multiple conferences and in live guest and panel appearances on radio broadcasting nationwide (and in front of a live audience).

Susan's communications and research expertise in corporate, entrepreneurial and volunteer settings has enabled her over many years to assist several popular speakers and events (including multiple New York Times bestselling authors). Engaged in several leadership roles over the years, Susan has served in her community as the President for two non-profit organizations, a large community festival and a parent-teacher organization.

Through the enthusiastic expression of a wide range of talents, Susan is dedicated to doing her part in contributing to an expansive future for humanity, one that values an honest exploration of love-based spirituality, transcending the myths and limitations of the strictly materialistic paradigm.

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